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Risk Mgr

IAHA Screened Personnel 

Below is the most current lists of all screened and approved coaches, on ice officials, and other adult IAHA members that have been approved for the 2019-20 season. If your name appears in one the attachments, you are approved for the 2019-20 season and do NOT have to be screened again. 

Note:  The date you were screened and approved is on the list.

Mark Enegren

Mark Enegren

Risk Manager

Screening Policy

It is the policy of Idaho Amateur Hockey Association that it will not allow participation or sanction any volunteer or employee who refuses to consent to be screened by (IAHA) for any inappropriate behavior or prior activities that would disqualify the person from any contact with participants in any IAHA program or function. Further, it is the policy of IAHA that it will require its affiliates to adopt this policy as a condition of affiliation with the IAHA.   

Consistent with USA Hockey guidelines, the IAHA has established a procedure wherein all adult coaches, on ice officials and local association board members, who have contact or access to minor hockey players or officials, must submit to a background check and a sexual registry check every two (2) years (The season screened, plus the following season). Below is a copy of the Screening Policy as adopted by the IAHA Board of Directors.